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Wohler A 400 PRO Flue Gas Analyzer
Order no. 3045

Wohler A 400 PRO Flue Gas Analyzer

Standard Set

The Wöhler A 400 Flue Gas Analyzers are the multi-functional instruments (flue gas, differential pressure, ambient CO) for residential and light commercial applications. Its unique design allows a comfortable one-hand operation with a technicianfriendly 4 button key pad. Integrated magnets make even a hands-free operation possible. Your eyes will love the brilliant full color OLED display which shows all combustion values on one screen. The self-diagnosis functions with an alarm makes the instrument reliable and failsafe. We provide full 4 year warranty for the instrument and LT-Sensors (Wöhler A 400PRO).

Features and Benefits

  • Color OLED display – all combustion data values on one screen
  • Zoom function
  • Integrated magnetic holder
  • Technician-friendly 4 button keypad
  • Ergonomic shape: comfortable one-hand operation
  • Graphic function
  • User selectable units for temperature, pressure and CO

Safety / Reliabilityt

  • Integrated 4-filter technology including water stop filter, cotton filter, sample conditioner and sensor protection
  • LT-sensors1)
  • Full 4 year warranty on instrument including sensors1)
  • Continuous self-diagnosis with feedback for:
    • All sensors
    • Instrument functions
    • Condensate

Data Management

  • Memory for 100 customer records
  • Date and time stamp

Variety of applications

  • Wöhler Tuning Guide with graphical support
  • Combustion and efficiency analyzer for residential and light commercial applications
  • Ambient CO tester
  • Flue gas CO tester (CO air free)
  • Differential manometer for chimney draft and appliance manifold pressure
  • Graph feature for all combustion readings


  • TÜV approved
  • EN 50379-2
  • EN 50379-1 for CO


1) Wöhler A 400/A400Pro, except for thermocouples and batteries; for further information see our guarantee guidelines

Scope of delivery:
- Wöhler A 400 PRO Flue Gas Analyser with O2 + CO 4.000 ppm
- 4 dry batteries
- 1 coarse filter
- 1 water stop filter
- 25 wadding filters
- large plastic case

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