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Item no. 4486

Wöhler CM 220 Carbon Monoxide Meter


Knowing the carbon monoxide measurement in the area of installation and maintenance of a gas boiler or heating system is extremely vital due to carbon monoxide being lethal at high concentrations in the ambient air. The Wohler CM 220 carbon monoxide detector is a handy, easy to use device for carbon monoxide detection, offering outstanding accuracy and good operability. In particular, the device is suitable for checking carbon monoxide measurement during the installation of gas ovens, central heating systems, stoves, water boilers, etc., as well as for checking the air quality in areas such as underground garages and workplaces.


Since carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas that can hinder the body's oxygen intake and is a serious health threat, precautions to eliminate such threat require special attention. Especially at places where combustion takes place from substances containing carbon, periodic monitoring is CO levels necessary. Carbon monoxide detectors take precise measurement of airborne pollutants to make the invisible visible gas known and to minimize the risk to all whom may be affected by it.


  • Test CO leakage from furnaces, water heaters, stoves
  • Measurement of CO concentration in the ambient air
  • MWC-Value-Measurement (Maximum Workplace Concentration)


  • Quick response for testing safe entry conditions
  • Easy operation-one button, manual zero
  • Visual and acoustic indicators
  • Backlight
  • Precise electrochemical sensor
  • Calculation of the MWC-value (Maximum Workplace Concentration)

Scope of delivery: Wöhler CM 220 Carbon monoxide meter, 3 x AAA batteries, carrying pouch, hand strap