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Wöhler FA 430 Fan Anemometer Set
Item no. 4156

Wöhler FA 430 Fan Anemometer Set

with Wöhler FA 4xx measuring funnel set


  • Measurement of air speed, temperature, humidity at the air vents
  • Measurement of CO2 at the air vents (Wöhler FA 430 only)
  • Detection of air leaks
  • Integrated measurement of volume flow
  • Direct measurement of volume flow at air vents in combination with the cone
  • Direct measurement of flow rate at the air nozzle in combination with a funnel


  • Easy handling with automatic identification of the cone
  • Two measurements in one step: determination of flow rate and evaluation of the inlet and exhaust air quality via CO2, T, RH (Wöhler FA 430 only)
  • Selectable units: m/s, fpm, m3/h, CFM, °C, °F, cm2, Inch2
  • Backlight LC display
  • Wöhler telescope handle e.g. for ceiling vents


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