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Item no. 8440

Wohler HBF 420 Moisture Meter

for wood and building materials


With its unique combination of electrical resistance measuring technique and dielectric measurement the Wohler HBF 420 wood and building materials moisture meter represents an ideal hand-held instrument to assess the moisture content of materials in a wide range of applications:

  • Building diagnostics: Damage analysis, leak detection
  • Building work: Preparatory measurements before applying paint, installing floor coverings etc.
  • Fuel management: Assessing wood fuel materials


  • Ability to assess building and wood moisture with one instrument
  • Dielectric measuring technique, ideal to quickly assess moisture and measure the moisture profiles of building materials
  • Resistance measurements to precisely determine the moisture content of wood
  • Automatic temperature compensation after entering the material temperature
  • Wood species correction via material codes
  • Calibration kit facilitates on-the-spot measurement value verification
  • Adjustable alarm threshold

includes: 2 replacement electrodes, 4 batteries 1.5 V AAA, leather bag

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