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Visual Inspection

Application is Everything: Why Should I Own an Inspection Camera? There is a broad range of applications for inspection cameras; almost anyone from DIY homeowners to seasoned industry professionals can find a use for them. For instance, an electrician tackling a large rewiring project to see in small wall cavity spaces or a homeowner tracking down a possible critter problem inside or outside a home- an inspection camera is extremely versatile. For anyone who has ever strained to look into an area they simply couldn’t see, whether it’s down a drain, in a sewer pipe, underneath an appliance, or into a wall cavity, an inspection camera is an extremely useful resource to have access to. On any inspection camera, there should be head unit which contains a camera, which is attached to a cable which contains an LED light to provide illumination, as the scope travels into dark locations. If you want the ability to take notes while inspecting, especial when inspecting a home, certain inspection camera models are equipped with video, audio and photo capturing technology. Just from listing a few features an inspection camera can offer, there is absolutely a benefit in owing one.