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Wohler measuring instruments and test equipment

Wohler USA Inc. is your source for measuring instruments and test equipment. Manufactured in Germany, our technologically advanced measurement tools cover a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. Our test equipment will provide you with accurate and timely results as you inspect heating systems, flue gas systems, and ventilation systems.

Our flue gas analyzers are both innovative and intuitive, featuring color touchscreens, ergonomic design, and data transfer via USB, Bluetooth, or infrared. We offer a range of combustion analyzers and measurement instrument sets to meet your specific needs. In addition to our flue gas analyzers, we manufacture and sell digital manometers, fan anemometers, smoke test pumps, gas sniffers, CO detectors, infrared thermometers, wood moisture meters, thermoanemometers, differential thermometers, and wood moisture meters. Whether you’re analyzing combustion, air flow, air quality, humidity, pressure, or temperature, our test equipment will help you ensure your customers’ comfort and safety while maintaining efficient mechanical system operations.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to purchase our measuring instruments. We also invite you to discover the benefits of our Power Partner Program and hands-on training with the Wohler Institute of Technology.

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