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World of work

Wöhler the employer

Our company lives and thrives on the knowledge and creative drive of our employees. We consider an open exchange of views and experiences throughout the company as well as an atmosphere of mutual respect and a willingness to listen to one another to be essential factors that will sustain the success of our company.

Consequently, we place a great deal of value on providing the best-possible conditions to enable you to develop your personal potential to the full.
Our strengths include an excellent workplace atmosphere as well as a commitment to promote the personal development and loyalty of our employees. To help foster a sense of belonging and ensure our employees enjoy their work we hold a Christmas party and a summer festival every year for all the family to enjoy. The summer festival provides an ideal opportunity for the families to get to know one another.

Baskets of fresh fruit are made available twice a week to promote and maintain the good health of all our employees – and we also create attractive opportunities to participate in regional sports events. For example, in August 2013 our colleagues participated in the E.ON Westfalen Weser Runday around the Aabach dam on behalf of a good cause. Wöhler donated €5 in support of the worthy cause "Chimney sweeps in aid of children with cancer" for each kilometer completed by the participants.

Living and working in Bad Wünnenberg

Situated in the Bürener Land region of southern East-Westphalia-Lippe, Bad Wünnenberg is a small, family-friendly town with a population of 12,359 and is a part of the district of Paderborn.


As a small, family-friendly town Bad Wünnenberg boasts nine kindergartens, four grade schools as well as two junior high schools. Grammar schools are just 10 km away in Büren. These local facilities provide the favorable conditions that enable its inhabitants to balance their family and working lives. Our family-friendly company also supports our employees with flexible working models.
Leisure-time activities and amenities such as a bare-foot path, a climbing park, an animal park, outdoor and indoor swimming pools as well as numerous places of popular interest to visit ensure Bad Wünnenberg has something special to offer adults and children alike. Regular events such as the yearly shooting club festival and a sports festival offer variety and help local residents and families to form a close-knit community.


Parts of the municipality already belong to the rural area that makes up the beautiful region of Sauerland. No matter if walking, hiking or on a bike, there is a lot to discover in Bad Wünnenberg. Mountains, romantic valleys, thick forests and vast agricultural landscapes, lakes, tarns and ponds, rivers and small creeks offer visitors continuously changing vistas and new impressions. Hikers and cyclists are able to enjoy nature as well as peace and quiet along an approximately 9 km path that circumscribes the nearby drinking water reservoir.
In Bad Wünnenberg you are able to leave the hectic of everyday life behind you and enjoy nature. And thanks to good local transport links Paderborn in just 20 minutes travel time away and you can be in the nearest ski resort of Willingen in just 30 minutes.

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