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Wöhler A 450 H (EN)
Order no. 7165

Wöhler A 450 H (EN)

Basic Unit

This is where Wöhler excels: A reasonably priced flue gas analyzer that offers all measurement and tuning functions. A small and lightweight flue gas analyzer enclosed in an eye-catching, sturdy housing. The Wöhler A 450 is a handheld device with user friendly touchscreen control, displays all measurement data on screen or connect and view on your smart devices.

  • Switch on – read off – done
  • Rugged and compact analyzer that offers all measurement and tuning functions
  • High-resolution 5" color touchscreen: 14 measured values available at a glance
  • Future-proof network connectivity with Wireless LAN
  • Wöhler A 450 app included for Android and iOS

Product features

A 450 L
A 450 (H)
APPLICATIONS (depends on accessories)
Setting tasks gas / oil systems
Burner adjustment assistant
Possible sensors 3 3
5" 5" color touchscreen
1,000 measurement data sets
Wireless LAN
USB & infrared
sensor and analyzer guarantee1) without maintenance costs 24 months guarantee 48 months guarantee
Device sensor diagnostics
Sensor replacement
Visual fi lter monitor
Rechargeable lithium ion battery Up to 6 h operating time Up to 17 h operating time
Flue gas probe 250 mm with 1.5 m hose assembly
CO sensor 5.000 ppm or 100.000 ppm 10.000 ppm (H2-compensated)
O2 sensor 0...21 % 0...21 %
NO sensor optional optional
Combustion air temperature probe ● (if compensated)
USB battery charger

1) Wöhler A 450 L: 24 months warranty Wöhler A 450 / A 450 H: 48 months warranty excludes thermocouples, rechargeable battery and optional NO sensor. For more information see our Terms and Conditions.


  • Residential flue gas analysis
  • Service and maintenance tasks
  • Determine flue gas loss and burner tuning
  • Immission control measurements (1st BImSchV)
  • NO measurement (optional)
  • Differential pressure / gas pressure measurement


  • Simple to use: Switch on – read off – done
  • Large 5" color touchscreen: Displays up to 14 measurement readings
  • Intuitive to operate via on-screen keyboard
  • Graphic hotspot search

    Safety / reliability

  • 24 or 48 months guarantee without maintenance agreement1)
  • Effective condensate protection
  • Multistage filter technology incl. water stop filter
  • Electronic filter monitor with illuminated condensate trap
  • Analyzer and sensor diagnostics
  • Field replaceable sensors – user-friendly
  • Rechargeable battery operating time: more than 6 h with lithium ion power
  • Hose assembly – robust and flexible

    Data management

  • Store up to 1,000 customer records
  • Data transmission by USB, Wireless LAN or infrared
  • Wöhler A 450 app included

Scope of supply:
Wöhler A 450 H with 10.000 ppm CO sensor (H2 compensated)
WIFI, USB and IR interface
probe 250 mm with 1.5 m hose
USB charger with micro USB cable
LI-ION battery 3,6 V / 6700 mAh
25 cotton filters

48 months warranty

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