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Wöhler VE 200 Video Endoscope
Order no. 7792

Wöhler VE 200 Video Endoscope


reddot award 2015
  • For inspection of inaccessible cavities from 20 mm in diameter (for example: roof insulation, exhaust pipes, sinks, fireplaces)
  • Transmission of image and video data via wireless (WiFi) on laptop, tablet PC or Smartphone


  • Snapshot and Video Functions
  • Direct forwarding of data - no further data transmission necessary
  • Image display via wireless at all
  • Compatible devices (such as netbooks, Smartphone, tablet)
  • 1.2 m gooseneck
  • Video Recording
  • Variable Light intensity of the flashlight for Illumination of cavities

Scope of supply:
- Wöhler VE 200 Video Endoscope with 1,2 m probe
- 4x AA batteries
- side tip mirror
- magnet
- hook tool
- plastic case
(The VE 200 is not compatible with Windows Phone)

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