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Wöhler wood moisture - Advanced set


With its unique combination of electrical resistance measuring technique and dielectric measurement the Wöhler HBF 420 wood and building materials moisture meter represents an ideal hand-held instrument to assess the moisture content of materials in a wide range of applications:

  • Building diagnostics: Damage analysis, leak detection
  • Building work: Preparatory measurements before applying paint, installing floor coverings etc.
  • Fuel management: Assessing wood fuel materials


  • Ability to assess building and wood moisture with one instrument
  • Dielectric measuring technique, ideal to quickly assess moisture and measure the moisture profiles of building materials
  • Resistance measurements to precisely determine the moisture content of wood:
  • Automatic temperature compensation after entering the material temperature
  • Wood species correction via material codes
  • Calibration kit facilitates on-the-spot measurement value verification
  • Adjustable alarm threshold

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