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Wöhler A 450 US Standard Set
Item no. 8387

Wöhler A 450 US Standard Set

A flue gas analyzer that offers all measurement and tuning functions. A small and lightweight flue gas analyzer enclosed in an eye-catching, sturdy housing. The Wohler A 450 is a handheld device with user friendly touchscreen control, displays all measurement data on screen or connect and view on your smart devices.


  • Switch on – read off – done
  • Rugged and compact analyzer that offers all measurement and tuning functions
  • High-resolution 5" color touchscreen: 14 measured values available at a glance
  • Future-proof network connectivity with Wireless LAN
  • Wohler A 450 app included

Compact with a full range of functions

The Wohler A 450 is a sturdy measuring device that combines solid workmanship with a clear color display. All measured values are displayed clearly at a glance. The Wohler A 450 is a well rounded tool that offers flue gas analysis, draft measurement, burner tuning guide, adjustment tasks on gas and oil systems and even solid fuel fireplaces.

Smart functions

In addition to the user-friendly convenience of the touchscreen, the Wohler A 450 also offers other advantages that “smart devices” provide. You are able to transmit all measurement data to a mobile device (smart-phones, tablets by Android and iOS) via Wireless LAN. These devices can then display the measurements as numerical values or as a graph in the Wohler A 450 app.


A 450 L
A 450
APPLICATIONS (depends on accessories)
Setting tasks gas /oil systems
Burner adjustment assistant
Possible sensors 3 3
5" color touchscreen
1,000 measurement data sets
Wireless LAN
USB & infrared
48 month sensor and analyzer warranty1) CO-Sensor 24 month warranty
(5,000 ppm)
CO-Sensor 48 month warranty
(10,000 ppm)
Device sensor diagnostics
Sensor replacement
Visual filter monitor
Rechargeable lithium ion battery Up to 6 h operating time Up to 6 h operating time
Flue gas probe 10” with 5’ hose assembly
CO sensor 5,000 ppm
(24 month warranty)
10,000 ppm
(48 month warranty)
O2 sensor (48 month warranty) 0,0 ... 21,0 vol.-% 0,0 ... 21,0 vol.-%
NO-Sensor optional optional
USB battery charger

1) O2 sensor 48 months, CO sensors 5 000 ppm 24 months; excludes thermocouples, rechargeable battery and optional NO sensor. For more information see our Terms and Conditions.


  • Residential flue gas analysis
  • Service and maintenance tasks
  • Determine flue gas loss and burner tuning
  • Emmission control measurements (1st BImSchV)
  • NO measurement (optional)
  • Differential pressure / gas pressure measurement


  • Simple to use
  • Large 5" color touchscreen:
    Displays up to 14 measurement readings
  • Intuitive to operate via on-screen keyboard
  • Graphic hotspot search

Safety / reliability

  • 48 month warranty1)
  • Effective condensate protection
  • Multistage filter technology incl. water stop filter
  • Electronic filter monitor with illuminated condensate trap
  • Analyzer and sensor diagnostics
  • Field replaceable sensors – user-friendly
  • Rechargeable battery operating time: more than 6 h with lithium ion power
  • Hose assembly – robust and flexible

Data management

  • Store up to 1,000 customer records
  • Data transmission by USB, Wireless LAN or infrared
  • Wohler A 450 app included


  • 1 x Wöhler A 450 US 10.000 ppm
  • 1 x Plastic case MAXI for Wohler A 450

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