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Wohler A 550 L Flue Gas Analyzer USA
Item no. 7753

Wohler A 550 L Flue Gas Analyzer USA

As robust as cast iron, but as easy to operate as a smartphone – that's what Wohler's new flue gas analyzer feels like in your hand. Appropriately, the advantages are equally substantial: A tip with your finger on the Wohler A 550 is all that is required to perform analyses, inspections and settings on residential and commercial appliances. The flue gas analyzer is equipped with coded connections for the 4 Pa test and even »NEW AND UNIQUE« a wood moisture content measurement function to VDI Guideline 4206 (VDI = Association of German Engineers).

Product benefits

  • Simple to use: Switch on – read off – done
  • Large, color touchscreen: Displays up to 14 measurement and calculation values
  • Intuitive to operate via on-screen keyboard
  • Calibrate in the flue gas pipe via a fresh air pump (Wohler A 550)
  • Graphic hot spot search

Extremly reliable

  • Effective condensate protection
  • Automatic CO clean out pump protects CO sensor (Wohler A 550)
  • 4-filter technology – easily accessible
  • Analyzer and sensor diagnostics
  • Sensor replacement – user-friendly
  • Rechargeable battery operating time: more than 12 h with Lithium Ion power
  • Hose assembly – robust and flexible

Huge range of applications

  • Expandable with up to 5 sensors
  • For measurements: NO, NO2, SO2
  • Insertion probe for a variety of measurement tasks
  • Spillage Test and much more
  • First flue gas analyzer incl. wood moisture content measurement (wood moisture probe included in scope of supply of Wohler A 550)

Simple data management

  • 1,000 measurement records
  • Data transfer via USB, Bluetooth or infrared

Comparison Chart

A 550 L
A 550
A 550 Industrial
Manifold and Differential Pressure
Tuning Guide
Data Management
CO2 (0...21%)
CO 0...35,000 ppm 0...4,000 ppm 0...100,000 ppm
CO high   0...100,000 ppm  
NO (0...3,000 ppm)
SO2 (0...5,000 ppm)  
NO2(0...1,000 ppm)  
Stack Temperature -4...1,472 °F -4...1,472 °F  
Supply Air Temperature -4...212 °F -4...212 °F  
Differential Pressure 44.16 inWC 44.16 inWC  
Operation Features      
Full Color Display
Infrared port for printer
Bluetooth® port for computer  
Safety Features      
Warranty 48 months 48 months 12 months
Self Diagnosis for Sensors and Instrument
CO-valve and CO purge-pump    
4 Filter Technology
Filter and Pump Monitor
Field Replaceable Sensors and Longtime Sensors F/L F/L F/L

Wohler A 550 L, hose 5.6 ft and gas probe 0.9 ft, USB charger with micro USB cable, lithium Ion battery, water stop filter, coarse filter, 25 wadding filters, case

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