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Common application for pipe inspection systems is cleaning and inspecting of pipes, sewer scans and city sewer lateral inspection or even chimneys/ flue systems. Pipe inspection systems can be used to identify and document pollution and other typical impairments within pipelines, chimneys, and sewer laterals. After a pipe inspection or chimney inspection, a professional can quickly identify and analyze the severity of possible damage caused by sewage, cracked pipes, roots or even faulty masonry work within a chimney. With pipe inspection systems and chimney cameras it is possible to prevent complex and costly work, thus adding trust and value to your inspection services for your clients. The proof is in the video and photo footage! If you have a contracting business, plumbing business or home inspection business, adding sewer scan services and pipe inspection systems to your arsenal of tools is an excellent way for you to add new revenues to your business.

Visual Inspection

Application is Everything: Why Should I Own an Inspection Camera? There is a broad range of applications for inspection cameras; almost anyone from DIY homeowners to seasoned industry professionals can find a use for them. For instance, an electrician tackling a large rewiring project to see in small wall cavity spaces or a homeowner tracking down a possible critter problem inside or outside a home- an inspection camera is extremely versatile. For anyone who has ever strained to look into an area they simply couldn’t see, whether it’s down a drain, in a sewer pipe, underneath an appliance, or into a wall cavity, an inspection camera is an extremely useful resource to have access to. On any inspection camera, there should be head unit which contains a camera, which is attached to a cable which contains an LED light to provide illumination, as the scope travels into dark locations. If you want the ability to take notes while inspecting, especial when inspecting a home, certain inspection camera models are equipped with video, audio and photo capturing technology. Just from listing a few features an inspection camera can offer, there is absolutely a benefit in owing one.