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Wöhler DP 700 Leakage Tester EN
Item no. 7135

Wöhler DP 700 Leakage Tester EN


The Wöhler DP 700 makes it possible to detect leakages in air ducts, components and appliances during production. Leakage tests with the Wöhler DP 700 make an important contribution to assuring quality during production and installation and, as a consequence, to the energy efficiency of air-conditioning and ventilation systems.


  • Leakage test according to DIN EN 12599 – to hand over air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Leakage test according to DIN EN 14134 – installation checks of residential ventilation systems
  • Measurement of leakage class according to DIN EN 13779 of ventilation ductwork systems and components in accordance with the standards DIN EN 1507, DIN EN 12237, DIN EN 13403 and DIN EN 13180
  • Fulfills the high accuracy requirements specified in DIN EN 1751 and DIN EN 15727 for measurements on individual components (± 0.0009 l/s)
  • Includes adapter for measurement range < 0.3 l/s
  • Easy to operate with operator guidance or expert mode
  • Automatic or manual measurement sequence
  • Separate differential pressure measurement possible
  • Measurement values in desired units, without manual conversion
  • Prints measurement reports on-site with thermal printer (optional accessory)
  • Practical set in 2 cases, easy to transport and store

Wide range of applications

  • Leakage tests in large air leakage ranges: From individual components through to complete systems consisting of several 100 m²
  • Leakage tests on air-conditioning units, switchgear cabinets, climatic test cabinets, heat exchangers, cabinets for clean room technology and other housings
  • Leakage testing of rooms
  • On-site and laboratory measurements on structural components (e.g. OSB boards, windows)
  • Can be integrated into the final inspection routine of series production runs including optional program remote control, (controlled from a PC via USB port)
  • Suitable for tests of lower output performance (40 l/s), 110 V, 60 Hz

Data management

  • Store up to 100 measurements
  • Data stored permanently in the instrument
  • Customer and data management with the Wöhler DC Series PC software (optional accessory)
  • Data transmissions via USB connection
  • Print out measurement results including graphic chart on a printer (optional accessory)


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