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About us

Dates and facts

Employees and locations

  • 150 employees
  • Headquarters in Bad Wünnenberg, Germany
    Sales offices in Bochum and Munich, Germany
  • Subsidiaries in Boston (USA), Toulouse (France), Bolzano (Italy), Pelhrimov (Czech Republic), St. Pölten (Austria), Hilversum (Netherlands)


  • 1932 Wilhelm Wöhler founds a brush-making factory in Berlin
  • 1948 Hans Wöhler continues his father´s factory & moves to Wuppertal
  • 1964 New factory in Bad Wünnenberg
  • 1965 First measuring instruments are developed and produced
  • 1980 Fritz Wöhler continues his father´s factory 
  • 1994 Founding of Wöhler Bohemia s.r.o. in the Czech Republic
  • 1996 Founding of Wöhler Messgeräte Kehrgeräte GmbH
  • 2002 Founding of Wöhler USA Inc. in the USA
  • 2004 Founding of Wöhler Italia s.r.l. in Italy
  • 2007 Construction of new head office building in Bad Wünnenberg
  • 2011 Founding of Wöhler France SARL in France
  • 2014 Founding of Wöhler GmbH in Austria

Team Wohler USA Inc.

Wöhler Technik GmbH with its headquarters in Bad Wünnenberg, Germany founded Wohler USA Inc. in 2002. Ever since the Wohler USA Team has become bigger and bigger. Todays North American Headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts. 

"Wöhler is recognized as the leader in technological innovation, uncompromising quality and significant value for the investment in the Chimney Sweep Industry World-Wide. Our vision is to bring the same commitment, energy and excellence in performance to new markets. These new markets include but are not limited to Oilheat, Natural Gas and Propane, Plumbing and Heating, HVAC, Energy Conservation and the NDT field. Our vision is to maximize sales opportunities with a single-minded focus on ever improving performance in all areas of customer satisfaction."
Elmar Schrader, February 2014 

Elmar Schrader

Elmar Schrader

President of Wohler USA and Executive Director of International Sales of Wöhler Technik GmbH. Elmar keeps his finger on the pulse of the market to determine the next steps for the company and the industries that it serves. His vast knowledge of the equipment and applications in both the US and in other countries allows him to keep on top of the customers needs.

Greg Elliott

Greg Elliott

As General Manager, Greg will have a dual role of operations and sales for Wohler’s product lines.A graduate of Bryant University, Greg has extensive experience with business ownership and start-ups, as well as retail, wholesale, manufacturing and national account management.

Paula Bresnahan

Paula Bresnahan

Paula is our Sales Manager for Visual Inspection Camera Sales. Located in our South Carolina division, Paula is responsible for all aspects of Visual Inspection Camera Sales. As a member of the Wohler USA team since 2009, she has been responsible for operations, customer service and national sales management.  When Paula is not diligently pursuing camera sales she can most likely be found working on her golf swing at one of South Carolina's finer courses.

Sue Grenier

Sue Grenier

Sue is the Wohler USA Office Manager. She also heads up our Customer Service Team. Whenever you call our office you will hear Sue's extra pleasant voice and NOT some frustrating recorded voice. From Customer Service to Shipping and Receiving to Billing and Inside Sales. Sue wears many hats at Wohler USA and she is our "go-to" person for all of our customer's needs.

Tom Powers

Tom Powers

Tom Powers is the Technical Service Manager of Wohler USA. Tom’s strong mechanical background includes nearly 15 years as an engineering technician in the semiconductor field. He focused on equipment development and metrology. He also demonstrated new products to customers.

Janice DiMare

Janice is the Wohler USA marketing and business development associate. With her enthusiastic “can do” attitude, Janice will lead the marketing team in developing and implementing new creative marketing and advertising strategies. A recent graduate of Salem State University, Janice has degrees in both Marketing and Digital Graphic Design and experience in marketing and customer service for a variety of industries. 

Petra Becker

Serves as Office Applications Specialist. She is responsible for working behind the scenes to keep processes in order – a very important function as we are continually attracting new distributors and wholesalers and introducing new technologies.

Hermann Hinterhaeuser

Hermann Hinterhaeuser

Executive Adviser and Senior Vice President of Business Development can be seen at tradeshows, industry events and talking to wholesalers and distributors to bring his wealth of knowledge to the table. He has the ability to look at a situation from the standpoint of a business owner and provide the wisdom needed when looking at strategic business decisions. He is the guiding force in our office.



Our innovations set the standards the market follows. Our successful innovations are based on four rock-solid foundations: Our fascination with technology, all of our development engineers have a university degree, our many years of experience and we never stop talking with our customers.


Expert workmanship is required to implement innovative developments. The reason: Wöhler gives top priority to the reliability and high standards of quality of its products. Alone the precision and efficiency of working procedures during production ensure we are able to deliver "the measure of technology".


Consultation / Sales

We offer customers planning investments all the support we can give based on our experience and technological know-how. Because development, production and marketing are all under the same roof at Wöhler we are able to call on a great deal of competence. This enables us to offer our customers the best possible solutions to support them during their work.


We focus on providing competent service, because professional equipment maintenance helps to safeguard customer investments. As the manufacturer Wöhler is able to offer absolutely reliable maintenance, inspection and calibration services at all times.

Wohler goes green!

Wohler joins Call2Recycle!

Call2Recycle is the only free nationwide program to collect rechargeable batteries and cell phones. It is run by the non-profit Rechargable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC). 

The goal of this program is to encourage the green business practices and environmental sustainability. In order to help protecting the environment, Wohler USA Inc. has joined this program.  

How does this work?

Do you need to recycle Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion, Nio-Zn or Pb batteries weighing up to 11 lbs? These batteries can be dropped off at any one of the recycling locations throughout the United States or Canada. Due to very strict shipping guidelines, batteries cannot be send back to the recycling centers.

Take a look at the official call2recycle homepage for more information about the program.