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Using the Wohler VIS 350 for Duct Cleaning


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Wohler Sponsors 2017 Thermal Imaging Conference

Coming Soon! New Wohler VIS 700 High Definition Inspection System

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Job Safety Inspection Checklist

New Wohler A 450 Residential Combustion Analyzer

Germany Trip

Visit Our Booth #230 at the Eastern Energy Expo!

How Sewer Scans Can Save Homeowners Thousands

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Product of the month: Wohler IR Temp 210 Infrared Thermometer

Product of the Month: Wohler DT 310 Differential Thermometer

Before Making a Purchase, Try Before You Buy!

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From pipeinspection to pestcontrol! Wohler inspection camera user finds his pet iguana burrowed 7 feet down!

Product of the month: Wohler CM 220 Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Start of the New Year with New Chimney Equipment!

Product of the month: Wohler GS 300 Gas Sniffer

Adding Sewer Scans and Chimney Scans to Your Business

Wohler Gas Detectors Aid Local Fire Departement

Carbon Monoxide and its Dangers

Product of the month: Wohler DP 700 Leak Tester

Inaugural Energy Efficiency Day 2016

One Stop Trade-Show for Inspectors!

Calling all Chimney Sweeps! Take Advantage of a Digital Manometer

Moisture in materials

Video Endoscopes

The Home Inspector’s Tool Kit Pt. 3: Indoor Air Quality Meters

Getting to the Root of it with Sewer Inspections

The Home Inspector’s Tool Kit Pt. 2: Sewer Inspection Cameras

The Home Inspector’s Tool Kit Pt. 1

Eastern Energy Expo 2016

Earth Day 2016: Wohler Analyzers Reducing Pollutants in the Environment

Upcoming Webinar: Adding Sewer Line Inspections to Your Business

Why Sewer Inspections Add Value to Home Inspections

Celebrating World Plumbing Day 2016

Pipeline Cameras: Can they Boost Your Business Productivity?

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Join Us Next Week! WWETT Show 2016!

Calling all Chimney Sweeps!

The Wohler VIS 350 pipe camera in use at United Infrared’s Mobile Training Facility

Winter Weather: Putting Your Gas Analyzer to the Test

A New Year, and a Full Schedule of Trade Show Appearances!

Expand Your Service Offerings with the Wohler VIS 350!

We’re Offering Even More Savings!

Power-Gen week in Las Vegas!

Christmas Special

Achieve optimal combustion with Wohler Flue Gas Analyzers!

Welcoming a new Season and new Wohler Equipment!

Choosing the right Combustion Analysis Equipment

Wöhler Institute of Technology, PGANE and F.W. Webb Team-Up for Hands-On Propane Training

We’re Welcoming Fall with Discounts on Wohler Equipment!

Visual Inspection Camera Applications

Combustion Analysis: FAQs from Wohler Training Seminars

Upcoming Trade Shows and Training Seminars!

Gas Analyzer Calibration 101

Are You Ready for the Chimney Sweep Season?

Sewer and plumbing line inspection is becoming a standard in the industry!

Brookhaven National Laboratory Test Drives Wohler Test Equipment: The Wohler A 550 and A 550 Industrial Combustion Analyzers

Where, oh Where is the Wohler Training Vehicle?

Wohler Training Vehicle