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Coming Soon! New Wohler VIS 700 High Definition Inspection System

Here’s a look at Wohler’s latest innovation in inspection cameras, the Wohler VIS 700 high definition inspection system.

Wohler VIS 700 HD-Video Inspection System

Check out product specs here!

The Wohler VIS 700 inspection camera provides flexible features needed for a variety of inspection applications. The Wohler VIS 700 is an ideal inspection camera for waste water pipes, flue gas and ventilation lines as well as NDT and plumbing applications. 


  • Razor sharp HD images and video
  • Removable monitor with adjustable handle for one handed inspections  
  • Automatic screen rotation
  • Touch screen keyboard for note taking
  • Focus function for precise inspection via joystick
  • Variable pan and tilt speed via joystick

And much more! 

Coming soon to your local distributor!


Check out product specs here!