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Autumn Way Heating

I purchased a Testo model 310 from my wholesaler because it was inexpensive and that model is what they had on the shelf when I needed it. The analyzer didn't make it more than eight months before it had to go back for repairs. I would say this was after very light use, due to getting it at the end of a mild winter and the fact I take excellent care of all my tools. It was not abused by any means. I got the Testo back after three weeks of waiting and it seemed to run very sluggish. I decided to purchase the Wohler A400 Pro model. I have used the Wohler in the past and it was the most reliable analyzer I've ever had. The warranty is far better, and the unit itself is just much better quality. Even the carrying case is clearly made to stand up to this type of work. It's a superior product and I wish I hadn't rushed into my last purchase because you really get what you pay for.

Dave Eaton
Autumn Way Heating
Seabrook, NH 

Viessmann Manufacturing

As a premier manufacturer of heating products, Viessmann Manufacturing is committed to delivering the best quality product and exemplary service at an agreeable price. As such, we rely on the support of our industry partners to help us providing consistent, focused results when our personnel engage an installation site where our equipment is front and center. As we believe Viessmann offers and delivers the best, we expect no less from our partners. 

Day to day the customer sees our factory-trained technicians commissioning top quality heating equipment with the help of Wohler instruments. 

Wohler instruments have proven to be accurate, consistent and durable despite the challenges that have disqualified other brands. 

Accuracy: My technicians have become so comfortable with the operating characteristics of Wohler analyzers that, given the proper maintenance and calibration, they can say with confidence that their measurements are not a variable. Having four decades with measurement instruments myself, I can attest to the comfort that a technician receives when his equipment has his back. 

Consistency: Consistent measurement, as described above, is one thing but consistent support is paramount. Wohler has always supported our equipment in the finest fashion. Turn-around for service and maintenance is very reasonable, and repairs are carried out to the highest degree of precision. Analyzers always come back to us on time and functioning properly. 

Durability: Our technicians leave their instruments in their cars overnight like most, but they also carry them through airports which mean that they are exposed to the rough treatment afforded by baggage handlers. I consider this the "acid test" for durability in the test instrument world. "Miles Per Sample" is a vitally important metric to today's technician. 

Every time I purchase a new combustion analyzer, I am required to compare prices versus benefits. Considering Wohler accuracy, consistency and durability, the comparison invariably favors Wohler. 

Robert Geoffrey
Technical Services Manager
Viessmann Manufacturing Company (US) Inc.
Warwick, RI 02886

Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control

I just wanted to say “thanks” for your exceptional customer service. I love my new Wohler video scope. Thank you again for standing behind your products. My service truck never leaves home without my Wohler video scope. I highly recommend it to others in the field.

Carl Johnson
Licensed Wildlife Control Professional
Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control

Kent Plumbing and Heating

From the ease of use to the quickness and accuracy, I highly recommend Wohler test equipment. I’ve recently started a new job at Kent Plumbing and Heating where other brands of analyzers were used, and I’ve been able to convert the company to Wohler products, specifically the Wohler A400. It’s super easy to use, and that is one of my favorite things about the system. It’s been pretty simple to teach my fellow technicians how to work with it. When you are testing a burner with the A 400 the results you need are right there on the first screen, with no need to waste tune scroll through menus to find results.

I’ve noticed in other brands you have to scroll through options to get individual readings and that takes up valuable time. You can also attach the analyzer with the magnetic plates within the system making life easier when modifications need to be made to a burner. From the moment I turn on the analyzer, assuming no modifications need to be made with the burner I’m working on, start to finish takes about 5 minutes and that’s a huge plus. The results are exact, you can print out an efficiency slip right there, and you’re on to the next customer. The Wohler A400 has proven to be an invaluable tool to Kent Plumbing and Heating. 

Nicholas Cozzens
Kent Plumbing & Heating
17 William Casey Road
Spencer, MA 01562

Canton Fire Department

"I wanted to personally thank you on behalf the Canton Fire Department for your generous donation oftwo Wohler GS 300 Gas Detectors. These detectors will provide our firefighters with the capability todetect potentially dangerous conditions that may exist due to a natural gas or propane leak insomeone's home. A detector has been placed on each front line engine at Station 1 and Station 2..."

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