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Institute of Technology

Wohler Institute of Technology
Wohler Institute of Technology

This one of a kind education program embodies Wohler USA´s commitment to innovation and technical leadership.

Taught by the most experienced faculty in the business, our instructors are industry professionals who bring with them years of hands-on field experience in design and application, as well as product knowledge.

As part of the class, you will learn

  • What the readings mean, how to interpret them, and how to act on them
  • How to achieve consistant results by using test equipment efficiently and effectively
  • How to benefit from Wohler’s advanced technology and ease-of-use design

Other areas of interest that will be covered include

  • Combustion Testing
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Efficiency Evaluation

Please contact us:

Tel: +1 978 750 9876
Fax: +1 978 750 9799
E-mail: info@remove-this.wohlerusa.com